Corporate Courses And Services


I Teach . You Tech offers a variety of corporate courses and services. We can help your employees brush up on their basic computer skills or help train them on basic business applications (such as Microsoft Office apps). In addition, we also offer custom courses for training on company specific programs as well as manual writing so that your employees can have a written guide to their technology.

In a world where businesses are constantly being targeted and attacked through the Internet, we also offer corporate cyber security training for your employees. This training will show your employees some of the common ways the bad guys try to infiltrate a company, train them on what to be on the look out for, and what practical steps they can take to ensure they are not the weak link. In addition, we also offer cyber security policy writing to ensure your employees know and understand what they are expected to do to ensure they are working in a secure manner.

For more information, please contact us. We would love to hear from you, and help ensure that your employees remain in the middle of the tech game instead of being benched!

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