Jeannine Malm

Founder.Owner.head technology coach

Jeannine Malm founded I Teach . You Tech on the principle that everyone should be able to participate in technology while remaining safe with a little training. Jeannine’s journey with technology started in college when she worked in a lab and had to use technology to run experiments. From there, she taught middle school computers and word processing for a year. Recognizing that she had a passion for technology, she started working in the corporate world while pursuing a Master’s degree in IT management with a specialization in cyber security. Upon completion of this degree, she moved into a full-time IT position at the company she was with, where she did corporate technology training, wrote many corporate IT policies, as well as ensured the company was secure and compliant with cyber security policies, and did cyber security training. In addition, she also continuously researched technology equipment and software programs to implement into the company.


Lillian Malm

Money Maestro

Lillian Malm is a numbers guru who has worked with numbers for most of her career. She has held numerous accounting positions and brings that experience and knowledge to her position at I Teach . You Tech.